A Day of Promoting

Today has been a pretty stand up day. In between my duties of being a mother of two and wife to one (since polygomy is illegal), I've been trying to promote my new etsy shop. I'm happy to say that I have 7 sales. That's good considering that I posted less than a month ago. My initial goal was to get one sale for the month. But I forgot that it's alright to sell to your friends which is what I did. I didn't have to do as much convincing as I thought i would. Anyway..back to promoting--

While I was a-promotin' on etsy, I saw that a lot of people were recruiting people to write articles on their blogs about. I got an idea....

Why not make it a point to promote at least one etsy seller a day with one feature article a day. I thought that would be fun and actually give me a chance to get to know the people that I'm selling with. I'm such a huge fan of etsy and what it has and is doing for a lot of people out there. It makes startup costs low and very manageable for small businesses to pick up and go. Promoting is so easy and great. It's so great to hear about etsy shops that started out small and ended up blowing up.

So, stay tuned for my advertisement banner. My goal is to write about 5 articles a week (I need my weekends). If you're a follower and would like to be put on the list for feature articles, let me know and I will be more than happy to  put you on the list.

xxoo Betty xxoo



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