Fabric Scrap...Yummy

There's nothing that makes my mouth water more than some designer fabric scraps. Their cheap...relatively easy to find...and you don't have to get a whole yard to taste it. I'm one of those people who go to a buffet and get a little bit of everything. And, if you happen to be one of those people also, then hunting for scraps is the thing for you. I'm a beginner seamstress, so it's better by far to order scraps or fat quarters, eighths, and so on. It's much more economical to me simply because I'm not sure where my creations are going and I don't want to waste the fabric and money experimenting on really expensive fabric without being able to get that profit back. Considering that my etsy shop is really new and I haven't made any sales yet, "waste not, want not."

The people above are the people that I have either purchased from or plan on purchasing from in the future. They can all be found on etsy. If you create, I would suggest starting an etsy account. It gets your handmade creations out if not for anything but for noteable critiques.

Right now, I'm jonesin for my newest fabric scrap supplier to post on etsy. She hasn't yet posted. I would post her link, but her stuff goes so fast that I don't want to take the chance of someone getting it before me. She posts roughly 13 oz of fabric for 4 bucks which is a steal. Most people start at about 10.00 plus shipping and handling.

The funny thing about the fabric extravaganza is that, there are so many people willing to give away hearty fabric scraps. So many in fact that it's a business. It's odd though that the biggest supplier of great fabric scraps is via etsy. No other place that I've found online gives me so many purveyor selling great scraps. As the internet search queen, believe me...I've searched.  If your wondering what you can do with your scraps, here are a few things that you can do with your scraps:

doll clothes
scrap booking
small pouches
baby diaper pouch
small clutch
big quilted clutch
cozies of all kinds
heating pads (filled with rice)
place mats
covering buttons

When I have the time, I will post the links to many of the sites offering patterns and ideas. Since I'm new to the game of sewing, it's very hard for me to tell others how to do such a crazy craft. There are so many people out there, however, sewing and posting, its awesome. There's a woman (can't seem to recover the link to her site) who is an engineer and sews in her spare time. She offers outstanding ideas on how to sew (the easy way) and improve on things that you already have in your house.



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