Etsyians In My Corner: Co-Promotion is Great!

For those of you who are relatively new to etsy, (which includes me), I've found that they do a lot in their closenit community to promote one another. Whether it be through their forums, good sales, or just mutual love of the art of handmade craft, being partners with another etsy seller can be a very advantageous thing. Over the past week, I have made it my goal to begin promoting not only myself but other etsians. While browsing through the endless list of "promotion" forums, I came across this post for "you promote me, i promote you." Now, I'm all about reciprocity. So, even if some of these people don't promote, it's all good. At the very least, these people below will get some hits on their sites. Some of these, I've gotten a chance to take a look at. Some of them, I'm still browsing. Now the one's I've gotten to take a look at, I'm going to leave a small note. All of them are really very good. So, if you can, take a look at all that you have time for.

Cute and good enough to eat soap. It's really very nice. You need to check out this site. This is the one who posted the great thread and the first shop that I actually had a chance to look at. I really handmade soap. Not only is it handmade, but she/he offers organically made products which requires a lot more time and patience. Take it from a fellow soap maker.

Clique Da Cour based out of Tampa, Florida has really beautiful and unique apparel. It's well worth the trip to the facebook site and facebook fan site. Just search by the name. The style is really just as unique as the name.

Haha..didn't really get a chance to take a long look. But it's all in the name. lol.  Take a look.

Oh my gosh...such cute creations. The banner attracted me to Stray Cat Farm for sure. But the knitted goods are fantastic with a bit of stitch work in there...or at least it looks like stictch work to me? :)

2muchyarn has an array of knitted goods as well. Its sooooooo cute. From hats and assorted colorful headgear, it's great. I'd reccommend if your a lover of knitted goods, check out this lady's site. it's well worth the trip.

Just added. Not a real chance to look. Colorful though.

Not a chance to look. so do me a favor and check it out for me!

xxoo Betty xxoo

I just love promoting!!!



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