Hey folks! It feel like a real seller. I got my first sale on etsy. So what if it was my best friend. What better person but for it to be my best friend. I'm very happy that it was her. She raised my stats and it's not bad that it wasn't because she was soo impressed with what she saw that she couldn't believe that I actually made it..and this wasn't a I feel sorry for her order. This was a "I love what  I see and I really really want you to do this for me. I couldn't believe that her first order was so big. It was incredible. The rush that I got. All I want to do is sell some more stuff so that I can feel this rush. I hope more people look at my stuff and decide that it's something that they want to be apart of. So very very happy. woo hoo...! I'm a bonified crafter. It's like waitin to see if a publisher wants your stuff. Someone wants my stuff!

Here are a few happy things....



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