Getting to know your sewing machine

B is for Briley, that's good enough for me! Over the past couple of days, i've been feeling a little defeated and sorta bewildered at my diminishing relationship with my sewing machine. When my husband bought it for me this past christmas, I was beaming with hope at all the stuff I'd be creating like sewing a Louis V dress from scratch! Ya right! Little did I know how hard sewing could be at first. I wasn't completely new to the concept of sewing. I had attempted it in 10th grade and made  rather lopsided pillow case (in homec).But, I did get an A for my deformed pillowcase. I'd tried over the years.The problem is with sewing is that it takes a great deal of patience to hone such a craft. it also takes reading an instruction manual too! On top of that you might have to watch a youtube video or two before you get the technique down.
     After days of neglecting my instruction manual and trying to take shortcuts through machine operation, I gave up when my thread kept on breaking, my bobbin kept on tangling and my top thread kept on becoming a royal mess. I gave myself a few days to cool down and decided it was time to work things out with my sewing machine. I started watching videos on youtube.I also read through my instruction manual and found that every single problem i was having wasn't because i had gotten a defective machine. Each and every problem I had encontered was not only fixable, but avoidable for the most part if i took the time and patience to fix the problem at the beginning. You know that saying "a stictch in time saves nine?" It's so true. For the first time in my life, I understood what it meant. And as a result, me and my sewing machine were able to reconcile our differences...especially after I admitted "it's me, not you." Follow our make up, I was able to construct the first real thing I could be proud of

A mongram pillow for my daughter.

It was simple too.

I found out that I have this insane love for the zizag stitch. That is what I used in this patchwork pillow. I think seeing the stictchs gives it that kind of boho look. I took an old pillow that had been washed too many times and rid it of it's stuffing. I think sewed the scrap patches together. I used an old rice cloth for the backing.  I sewed them together and voila! My cute little monogram pillow was born for little briley.


xoxo tiff xoxo



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