Getting Your Craft Together

Sometimes, figuring out a place to craft can be just as hard as figuring out what YOUR best craft is.

Three months ago, me and my husband moved into this beautiful duplex we now call home. It was perfect...hard wood floors, quiet neighborhood, safe neighborhood right next to cops. It even had water included in our bills. We couldn't have asked for a better place except for the fact that there's just wasn't enough space for my crafting. So, what started out as a happy existence, ended up with a few sad faces every time i looked for a place to create. I found myself creating on my bedroom floor, the kitchen table, and old plastic bins. And when it was time for dinner, that took precedence over my latest project. At night, I would have to pack up my projects to insure tht my curious four year old would make creations into his alterations...

I also try making a makeshift desk from two storage bins. My husband was horrifed by the visual atrocity that created. It was pretty bad. Our room looked like a shanty town with papers and glues everywhere. My husband couldn't even get in his boxes without moving a million different cannisters of paints out of the way.

Next, I got my son's shelf from his room. HAHA..what a joke. His shelf was one of those cheap utility shelves from wal-mart that are made to hold no more than two pounds of weight.  By the time I got all of my crafts on it, it swayed back and forth like the empire state building during a monsoon.

FINALLY, we gave in and decided to spend a little money and purchase a shelf and a few dollar store bins. We got our shelf from home depot. It is an 74.00 shelf that is worth every penny. each individual shelf is made to hold up to 350 pounds. it doesn't sway or buckle and is far less of an eyesore to my husband. it also fits perfectly behind my door.

Now, do I have a craft table? Not yet. Do i have my own space to do crafting for hours at a time uninterrupted. No way. But I have storage which is a start which means I have a small space in this house to call my own. I finally got my craft together. I'm starting to feel like a real crafter.

xxoo Betty xxoo



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