Happiness squared

Sometimes when you're doing what you love, you question whether or not if doing what you love is truly the right direction. I'm here to tell you that inspiration can come from crazy places. Over the past couple of months, I have become a huge fan of fabric, more specifically, Amy Butler. While searching for scraps on Etsy, her name popped up numerous times and I was like, "who the hell is Amy Butler?" When I saw the artwork (fabric amoungst other things) that she was creating, I was floored by the beauty. Over all the names being thrown around, her colors attracted me. So I went to her website and wrote her some fan mail. Did I expect to get a response? Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....only half expected..because with an empire like the butler one, I'm sure things get rather busy.  Guess what?!! I got a response. And, that response brought me to tears....

At the top, in the subject, she wrote "So Happy YOU wrote me." The letter got better from there on out with compliments about basically respecting my instincts as an artist and going with what I love. Doing what I like is important. She was completely humble and appreciative of my many praises...not boastful or pompous. It's funny how I find that there are some people on etsy who are stuck up and kind of mean. But this woman is the main supplier to people on etsy and she's as down to earth as they come. She took time out of her day to write me back..and not only that..but she reinspired me.

If all people got some letters from their heros, maybe they would get the motivation they need to keep that inspiration hot.

So Happy...

xxoo betty xxoo



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