Weekend Experimentation

I spent this past weekend experimenting with the art of sewing. It was as disastourous as I thought it might be. I actually ended up making a few interesting things (which I will post at a later date once I take pictures). This crafting game is a vey tedious bit and there's so much competion...so many people who have been crafting for a living much longer than I have. I just wish I could make money quickly. But of course, it can't all be about the money. It's about self promoting and believe in the product that you have.

It's hard to have that kind of confidence because that's the kind of confidence that many times you search for in other people to give you. With the pickings thin in this part of the world (given that I'm new to OK).  I'm trying to learn to branch out and talk to people about "my craft."  The craft world is a very interesting one and welcoming one and I'm very happy I discovered how big part of it I have always been.



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