You CAN do it: A Pencil Holder

Ever had a bunch of leftover cans and didn't know what to do with them other than throw them in the recycling bin? Well, round these parts, we don't have a recycling program an I don't have anywhere near hear to go and take my recycleables. So, I'm currently trying to find interesting ways to save trash and recycle goods without filling up my trash with a bunch of waste. So far, the process has been slow to move,but at least it's moving.

Here's a clever idea I've seen on a couple of sites in numerous variation.

Covered Can Pencil Holder

Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

White All-Purpose Elmer's Glue
1-2 de-labeled can
scrap fabric
measuring tape
paint brush
a cup or rammy to mix the glue water mixture

1.  Mix elmer's glue with water. I like to use the 1 part water 1 part glue. But some people prefer three parts glue, one part water. Just make sure you use either one of those measurements.

2.  Measure the circumference (around the outside of the can) and the side of the can leaving about a 1/8 of the inch free from the top and the bottom. you don't want the fabric on the very bottom and top. You want to have a little lip. It looks better with a tiny bit of metal showin.

3.  After measuring the outside of the can around and top to bottom, measure the fabric leaving about a quarter of an inch for error.

4.  Take your water and glue mixture and paint it around the outside of the can. Smooth the fabric on the can pulling it tightly.

5.  Now smooththe fabric with your hands taking out the wrinkles.  You can either choose to put some of the glue mixture on the outside of the can (which I recommend) or you an leave it just on the inside.

6.  Trim the edges of the fabric and smooth it down.

7. Let dry.

Now your pencil cup is ready for use.

For more uses for recycling, go here!

xxoo Betty xxoo



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