Today was a glorious Christmas with the kids. The day started out a bit rocky when Phoenix (my son) wanted to push every single nice button that I had today. But it ended with a bang at the In-Laws house. There was a lot of cheer and especially goodwill for all when I saw that I got a comforter Christmas. My son got a bike which will be great when I go for runs. 

After a day full of cookies, mac and cheese, baking, laughing, jovial hugs and kisses, crafting, and wonderful connectivity that would have verizon looking like a can company, I'm emotionally wiped out. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

By the way, who else is jealous that Oklahoma didn't get any snow. All of my friend east of the Mississippi seemed to get snow but us! How strange since we were the very ones to get snowed in the previous year. 

Oh well...God is a practical joker like that. 

I think I'll invite him to my next birthday party!!







For those of you who actually read this thing, I bet your wondering what's going on, so I'll enlighten you. 

I recently moved for the third time this year (military family) and started school in Tulsa. I originally started college almost 10 years ago. I'm just now getting around to finishing. Strangely enough, I'm not majoring in anything like art (which I would rather be majoring in). I majoring in the same thing I started college in just so that I can get finished. 

Some of you may not know this, but I'm in the military. In fact, me and my husband are both in the military and one point were both active. Now that he's the only one active, I'm spending a lot of time working towards getting more rank which requires more education (even in the military). 

So I've been doing that, managing a household virtually by myself, ROTC, National Guard, two kids, and everything else that falls in place with it. 

I'm exhuasted @-) (see that...that's my crazy head). 

I've spent this time off from school trying to make my craft better. I found out that he reason why I had been having issues with my sewing wasn't because of me but because of my sewing machine. 

The sewing machine I have now is a Brother LS2000. 

Well, yesterday, when I went to go buy fabric (16 yards of mostly Alexander Henry I might add for under 100 dollars), I was talking to Trina (a solid sewing associate) and she told me that she had problems with this machine. The lower register would get tangled while the upper register would get break and pop all the time. I ended up breaking 2 needles inside of one hour. I thought it was just me. Apparently, it's because the Brother along with the Singer all use plastic internal parts which makes for flimpsy fun.  Additionally, it's very hard to get parts replaced if your machine is more than 10 years old. However, if you get a Bernina, they have stellar customer service. 

*just a little word to the wise*

Here's the machine I want (right along with my serger) Model 66:  
Hope this saves you guys some troubles. If you want plastic parts, buy a Singer or Brother.  If you want metal parts and more replacement parts, go Bernina.


Prudently Inspired

Prudent Baby is this wonderful website that I get a lot of my ideas from. I wish I had half the patience and ingenuity these two ladies do. They keep me inspired. They keep me crafting. Check out their website...

Merry Christmas!!!


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