Before and After's

In trying to complete one of my New Year's Resolutions, I've already started DE-Christmas-izing my home. Here are the little changes I've made thus far. These are small changes, but I'm already ahead of the bell curve. 

I still have the outside of the house to do. I actually decorated by myself this year. I'm use to my husband's ELF-like musings and excitement to get me through the decorating season. Heck, he does most of the decorating himself. But, I'm happy to have gotten the tree put up and all the trimmings packed again for next year. My table looks very spring like. BTW...I did make the take cloth and the napkins. Those two bags hanging on the chair are my creation. Stay tuned for the tutorials.  I've got to still take a tutorial on giving a tutorial... 

Well, gotta jet...

xo Tiff (Ollie)



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