How To Make Your Own Bias Tape Tutorial: Poor Man's Version :)

Here is my first official tutorial of the year. I've seen many a tutorial for creating perfect bias tape. But, you can create perfectly imperfect bias tape using my tutorial. Great news is, you don't need to go out and buy anything if you've got fabric, scissors, and an iron. There are many more accurate techniques to making bias tape. There's also the correct way of doing it (which requires actually cutting your fabric on a bias *angle*). But, I'm going to teach you a very quick and easy way to create your own bias tape without breaking the bank. This couldn't be an easier tutorial. 

You need to gather your tools. Listed below is a picture of all the tools you will need. FYI, the scrap I used was approximate 1 1/4 inch in width. Folded four times makes it approx. 1/4 inch wide.

Step One

Spray a generous amount of starch on your scrap of fabric. If there is not enough starch, it will not crease very well and will only come out after the heat cools from the fabric. Make sure that you are doing this on an ironing board or a heat safe surface:)

Step 2

Make a fold that folds exactly to the center of the fabric. Do the same thing on the other side and press it down to hold it in place before you place the iron over it. 

Step 3

Apply Heat to the starched surface. If you pull the fabric tight, you will start to see the fold appear and you can just follow that natural fold with your iron. It is not going to be perfect. They actually do have a tool for creating a perfect bias and it is only 10 or 15 dollars at your local craft store. You can also get a machine. But remember, this is the poor man's version.  Apply heat to the start and go the full length of the scrap. 

Step 4

Turn your tape over. You now have single fold bias tape (without the bias of course...lol. But today we are doing double fold bias tape because it is my favorite to use for most of my creations. 

Step 5

Fold in half again to create that double fold. Make sure that you line it up as close to perfect as possible. You may need to starch it again. 

Step 6

Now, take your cardboard and wrap your bias tape around it lengthwise. You want to always keep your bias tape wound. First of all, it keeps it from coming undone and tangled. It also keeps it from unfolding considering it's homemade which they can if they aren't wound. Plus, it's a great deal neater. 

...And what do you have?

Voila! You have this beautiful wound bias tape (without the bias). 

So, what can you create with this wonderful Poor Man's Bias Tape? All sorts of things. Here's what I created with some of my other homemade bias tape. It was pretty happenin?

This Amazing Bib!! The yellow around the neck is handmade which makes it even craftier and funky. 

Now go you!! Make thou very own poor man's bias tape!

xo Tiff (Ollie)



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