Crafty Bedroom

Sometimes when you look at other craft spots, you can become overwhelmed by how much they have on their sites. Some of these crafters are AMAZING...and it can make you feel like you make absolutely nothing. But when I looked around my bedroom, I discovered that slowly but surely my home is starting to fill up with many of my creations. I guess you could call them prototypes for things I would like to sell. All the things that I have made are in the vibrant colors..but just in case you can't tell, here's a list:

*patchwork pillows
*white pillows
*pictures beside the bed (not over the bed)

That's a good start for someone who has been actively crafting for over a year now. It's been fun and I look forward to another year of crafting with my heart. 

I actually started crafting when I was 4 years old in Kindergarten. I discovered that it was my "thing" when I thirteen years old and I made a collage on a black notebook. I also used to make gifts for all my friends. When I got to collage, I made a small end table out of foam board and linen. My friends used to come in my room and say (wow, your room is cool and it totally looks like a room that you would have).  Radiohead posters adorned my walls highlighted by strung christmas lights and interesting tapestries on my bed. I've always found a way to make my home feel funky. I guess that's my style. 

One of my friends wants me to redecorate a bedroom of her house and I have agreed to do so. So, I will be posting pictures of the process on here. It's not a major redecorate because she is renting so we can't paint or change lighting. It's only pictures, comforters, and stuff. I'm making her comforter and pillows. QUITE HAPPY!!

If you guys have any craft ideas you want to share, feel free to post in the comments. 

xo Tiff (Ollie)



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