Blogger Love Hate Relationship

I love blogger and have for years although I never really blogged as prolifically before now. I'm actually making a concentrated effort this year as a fulfillment of one of my many new years resolutions. But, my relationship with Blogger has almost been like a "two strangers passing in the night." I thought I knew it until I KNEW it after I began using it on a semi regular basis. Now that me and Mr. Blogger are on a first name basis and out of the honeymoon stage, I have discovered that blogger does have it's faults after all including the annoying fact that you cannot upload more than one picture at the same time. Another thing i hate is that you cannot see how your pictures will really appear once their up. For instance, the other day when I was trying to post stuff for feature on decorating the son's room, I had the pictures nicely placed to where the wording was going to show up just under the picture. Publishing the post, on the other hand, was a different story. I found that all the pictures were either bunched together in a digital massacre, or that they were spaced out like I had just posed as my 5th grade self. I'm sure there are better computer savvy genius out there who have figured out how to coexist with blogger. As for me, it's still a shot in the dark and I'm officially a blonde to computers until further notice (no insult to blondes out there).

xox me



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