Winter Storm

Due to the winter storm, I was not able to post for the past few days. I'm now fortunate enough to be staying in a "booked to capacity" hotel because the power at our house has yet to be restored. Friday night, while I was resting next to my two year old listening to her coos and watching her smiles, the power went out. I thought that for a moment it would flicker on. It did but only for a couple of hours before cutting right off again for the next four days. Since then, we've :

1. Built 1 huge circus tent of a fort in our bedroom that housed our family of four for two and a half days.
2. Burned over 100 tea lights and candles in order to keep our home warm since all stores were out of heaters...and we couldn't afford a generator.
3.  Migrated  180 miles Northeas to Tulsa to stay with family who were fortunate enough to not loose power.
4.  Txted approximately 65 times to keep from dying of boredom.
5.  Took 5 pictures on the phone as proof of what happened.
6.  Avoided 3 power lines that lay strewn across our neighborhood street.
7.  Cooked on our propane grill that is usually reserved for camping.
8. Ate 3 crumbled pancakes and 5 bowls of chili all cooked on our propane grill.
9. Thanked over 10000000 lucky stars for the safety of my family and children for making it through two blizzards this winter.
10. Wrote out 10 points that got me through this ice storm.

That was my icestorm 2010. How did you guys fare? Sorry...no stories of craft miracles this time. Maybe next time:)
xoxo tiff xoxo


SOiNTOiT said...

I've never seen an ice storm before, it looks so cataclysmic!!! When it gets into the 30's here I think it's extreme! The photos are gorgeous.

serenity3212@yahoo.com said...

WOW...that's all i can say...just wow!



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