Changing the focus of BCBB

I just wanted to make the small announcement that I will be changing the focus of my shop. Currently I have no focus, as my husband pointed out. He said it might be a little easier for me to organize myself if I only concentrated on making a few things instead of doing 50 different things. Sometimes, my husband is the smartest person I know. I was on the verge of giving up because sales aren't popping off like I hoped. But, he told me to stick with it and keep up the faith and maybe organize my shop slightly different. So, I looked around etsy and looked around my physical area and the thing that will never go out of style is babies. People will always procreate. People will always have babies. I realize there are number of baby shops on etsy, but I don't care. I'm not going to attempt to reinvent the wheel I don't suggest you do it either unless you've got a really good idea in which to invest. I would say that even though I feel like i'm selling out by doing the baby thing, I don't care because it's still mine. It's still something that's going to let me create. And, it will help me make a little bit of profit instead of having my shop that's all over the place. People are finnicky. They also, for the most part, like things to be organized for them. It's much more of a feasible idea to organize your shop for your shoppers than for them to have to look around your shop and not know specifically what your selling. I know that when I go look at a shop or search for a product, I search by product. it's very important that you allow your shop to shine through your SPECIALIZED products.
     Although my focus is changing, my goal for this blog is NOT going to change. I will still be featuring etsy sellers as often as time permits when life doesn't get in the way of my creativity. lol. I will still post some of my crafts. My next goal is to start posting other people's crafts that I absolutely LOVE. There's just so many. I find sometimes that I get a case of craft envy and want to give up all together because people have the ability to make such wonderful things with their hand. But you know what keeps me going? Just thinking about how many people are out there looking at my stuff thinking how awesome my stuff. Heck...my stuff might be posted on another site as we speak.



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