Featured Etsy Seller of the Day: Lar1203 or A Little Birdy

This part-time stay-at-home mom became inspired the very way so many other Etsy sellers do: by other Etsy sellers. While her son napped, she taught herself how to sew and spent time creating one of many of her popular etsy best sellers, CUP COZIES. Eco-friendly and committed to making a difference in creativity, A Little Birdy, is cute, friendly and inspiring. I hope she inspires you to create as much as she has inspired me!

So tell me a little about your shop and what you sell...
I opened my shop about a year ago. Since then, it has evolved from just baby and toddler appliqued t-shirts to a lot more. Such as crayon rolls, custom appliqued dog t-shirts, reusable cup cozies, and wristlet key fobs. 

Why did you start selling on Esty?

A friend saw one of my appliqued t-shirts and thought it was so cute, she suggested that I open up shop.

Is Etsy a full-time job or is it something you dabble in?Etsy is something I dabble in. I have a full-time job as a mom to Devin, 20 months. I also work part-time as a Hair Stylist. 

How do you keep yourself motivated to keep on selling even if times are slow?

I like to keep trying new things to see what customers are interested in at the time. 

What medium to you use on Etsy?

I use mostly designer fabrics and felt.
What are your biggest goals for 2010?
To get the word out about my Esty shop in order to start profiting. I feel good when my shop is doing well. It's just a personal fulfillment for me.

What is your favorite item you sell in your store? Hmm. That's hard. I feel very proud of some of the t-shirts I have made, so I guess I would say appliqued t-shirts.

What is your most popular (either by most views or most sales)?Reusable cup cozies! I love making these. They are a fun way to use small pieces of pretty fabrics.

What is your favorite shop on Etsy?

I have made most of my purchases here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GudonyaToo and I love fabric shops that sell designer and Japanese import fabric.

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-- Lauren




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