StayingatHome-ism and Laundry

I abhor doing laundry.

I abhor washing laundry and drying it. Not that it's my obligatory duty to handwash the laundry followed by a three day session of me standing over the laundry blowing it with a hair dryer. I just don't like the act of separating, putting in the washer, and then transfering to the dryer. It's annoying. On the other hand, i LOVE folding. It's relaxing and I love how the messy turns into an organized pile of beauty.

I don't know what it is about this staying at home full time thing, but i feel like one of my major neverending tasks is laundry. As soon as I've emptied the laundry room, it's full again with another round of clothes. It's almost as if my husband and son wear three outfits a day. WELL, actually, my husband technically does sometimes. He's in the military. And for those of you unfarmiliar with the military, you have to do Physical Fitness in the morning which requires you to wear a uniform for that, then change for work. When we were BOTH in the military, I did laundry every minute of the day because me and my husband when through at least four uniforms a day. That's a lot of water. HAHA..the governement will never be GO truly Green.

Even now, As I revel in the fact that my husband has granted me the rare opportunity to become a stay at home mother until I so choose to go back to work (Like Neva!), I am struck with how much work it really is. It's not just the laundry. It's the struggle to create my hours. It's the struggle to climb out of bed...to work out...to stay motivated. I never thought how hard it was to be at home, but it can be a very lonely job.

On the other hand, it can be very fulfilling spending the day doing laundry knowing that there's someone else out there listening to some person bark orders at them all day. Instead, I'm barking orders at myself...and my son of course. "GET OUT OF BED. DON'T EAT THAT. EAT YOUR FOOD. DO THE LAUNDRY. CALL THE POWER COMPANY. DO THE LAUNDRY. FEED THE KIDS. CHANGE THE SHEETS. DO THE LAUNDRY."
     So, although I hate doing laundry. I enjoy the fact that I have all day to do it instead of doing it almost everyday over the course of the week (that's when I had a job of course.
xo Tiff xo



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