Pillow Top Napkins: Remodel your Pillow Cases for Next to Nothing.

Today, I was ripping up some old pillow cases and decided, Hey why not make some napkins!! It was actually really fun. This project can be done for free as long as you have two old pillows. You cn also use scraps to embellish. I chose to use a little bit of zizag embroidery to get my inspiration. I reccomend that you all try this.  And boy did I! Here is how my pillow to napkin project turned out. These napkins are available for sale. They are not posted on my etsy site If you're interested, just email me or leave comment and I'll post it on etsy for you to purchase. Tak a look at the pic below.

the white pillow cases were cut apart and ironed. I made sure to cut of the serger sewed seams. 

a nice neat stack

here is the pillow sham i tore apart and ironed

here are the napkins after I used the white pillow cases as the back side and the brown backings from the shams as the front of the napkins.



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