Redecorate ANY room for $40 dollars or less: Remodeling of My Son's Room

This blog is going to be apart of a 4 part series that will include my son's room, my bathroom, my living room, and my kitchen. Stay tuned for the tutorials on everything that I do which will be thrown in there every so often. Two days ago, I decided it was time that my son's room got a makeover. This decision was a long time approaching. Here a few pictures from before....
The first picture is a shot of his bed. It's an air mattress that was there until we got our new bed. Keep in mind that the new photos will have him with a single bed. The single bed will not be there next week once our new bed. So imagine his new setup with a queen sized bed.
This is a homemade bulletin board. At the time, it seemed like a great idea. But after a few weeks of looking at it, it really got on my nerves.
This is his organization spot. This has been moved to the laundry room to become a towel rack. This is his tool box to give you kind of a placement of the room. the Room has four corners, so you're looking at the third corner and the clock is above that corner.
Basically, the room was just BLAH. I was tired of looking at it and I can't stand disorganization. So I decided to start this series on remodeling. I will have tutorial on each of the projects in his room .Unfortunately, I can't really take pictures of ALL my processes because I haven't an extra person to take the pictures while I actually make them. SORRY. maybe one day.
Now...here are the new pictures....

Notice the homemade bunting hanging over his bed to give it that creative look. I coordinated everything in his room around this bunting. Although his comforter is red, I decided RED was best. Included in that, i made a cover for his toychest out of an old paint drop cloth. To tie it together with the theme of the room, I added a piece of fabric that matched his bunting (Michael Miller, LOVE HIM). To make it almost look like a window sette, I added a couple of pillows and a homemade white pillow to make it look stylish.

Look at the mirror. Every kid loves a mirror. Also look at the bulletin board. I think that a bulletin board makes a kid feel special when they have something to post on it. Although Phoenix's board is empty, it won't be for long. He loves drawing his pictures and displaying them. Just make sure that that board is secured. For the time being, although you can't tell, it is not secured.

I got rid of the big storage shelf and replaced it with a smaller bookshelf (which will be replaced with another bookshelf to match his room better). Above his shelf, again, I'm trying the theme together with canvas pictures. I bought painter's canvas and decoupaged some cut fabric to them to make it look like they were drawn. I will have a tutorial on that at a later date. Stay tuned.
All in all, I loved doing this room. It took me the better part of a day to get it exactly the way that I wanted it. When my husband came home, the living room looked like a tornado hit. Even so, it was great to walk through the mess and see the organization that came out of it.


bunting: 1.50

cover: free

mirror: 9.00

cork bulletin board: 9.00

canvas boards: 10.00 for two
final price: 29.50



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