When Slow is slow: What to do!

To say the least, things have been painfully slow...including my shipment of posties that I order from my prized printer. *sadness*. I think I might actually have to refund for my valentine's day postcards recently purchased because this ice storm has had collateral damage. But it's ok. I'm still hopeful. If I get negative feedback, it will be a learning experience. These are the times that you use business trials to your advantage. You use these slow opportunities to reflect on what is important. It's easy to give up when things get slow...to throw in your hat when you look at other shops or sellers doing much better. But let that be your fuel. I love Etsy. But if there's one thing I've noticed, it's that for every original thing you find, there's always going to be 50 more people trying to mimic the same thing. That's when you make the decision to try to do something original and reel them in. Originality was the original concept of Etsy. And, although Etsy is not perfect and has many flaws, the goal is still there. Keep that goal in your mind's eye as you create. Stay motivated. Try to create one new thing a day. Invest...Buy...Do what you must to keep that passion for creativity alive. Frankly, my passion is what keeps me writing on other Etsy sellers and what they're doing.

In short, when things are slow, Follow these 7 Steps....

1. Create Create Create
2. Plan your strategy
3. Buy: To stay inspired or stay motivated.
4. Examine: Examine what other successful sellers (on Etsy or any site for that matter) are doing to make successful knock on your door.
5. Invest: Invest time or money into what your doing to keep your love alive.
6. Stay Passionate: Keep the passion alive. Don't give up.
7. Read success stories: Reading success stories keeps me motivated...especially this week when I've been a creativity wreck.

What do you feel like your in a creative slump? Feel free to leave suggestions or read some of the etsy seller features. Take cues from them because some of them are doing quite well!

ALL of them are successful in their own right. Leave some advice...Share the wealth.



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